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    Windows 10 1709 update, cant see full screen. AMD Radeon 6800 Series


      Hello all,

      Recently my system had some updates, and I can no longer see the whole screen: I cant see the task bar, except for the top sliver of it, if i maximise a window, say Chrome, i cant see all the tabs and the buttons in the top right. See the attached photo. But if I take a screen dump, the computer thinks I can see it all.

      I am running:

      Windows 10, 64 bit, build 1709.

      AMD Radeon HD 6800 series. I have currently got the driver installed from the legacy catalyst software suite (15.200.1062.1004), but I have also tried the Radeon Software Crimson Edition Beta.

      Desktop, motherboard ASUSTeK, no model details available. BIOS Megatrends 1502 02/03/2011.

      Do you need other hardware requirements?


      I've tried installing the legacy drivers, independently and between installs running amdcleanuputility. But the display hasn't been fixed.

      If i remove the drivers and run the basic ones that come with Windows, i can see everything, but the resolution is 640x480 and both displays look the same.


      Has anyone experienced or have an idea how i can resolve this issue?