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Can't delete Custom Resolution in Radeon Settings Panel

Question asked by dec on Apr 25, 2018
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I'm running Win 10 Pr0 1709 (16299.371) on an SSD

I'm using Radeon software 18.3.4


I'm on a desktop PC:

Asus Z87 Plus mobo

i7 4790

32 GB DDR3


XFX R9 390 DD


I'm connecting to a Sony 4K TV with a Club 3D DP 1.2 to HDMI 2.0 adapter. The adapter manufacturer recommends using a Custom resolution where you just change the Timing Standard to CVT-Reduced Blanking. I did that to run some tests, and this is it:


Screenshot Radeon Panel Custom rez 3840x2160_annotated_1300cr.png


Screenshot Radeon Panel Custom rez 3840x2160 Display page_1000cr.png

Now I want to delete the resolution, but it won't let me. When I click the little trash can delete on the "Display 1" custom rez it gives me this message:


Screenshot Radeon Panel Custom rez Delete Error Message_1000cr.png


Where it says "To delete this resolution, first go to the OS resolution page and change the resolution" I'm assuming it means the Win 10 > PC Settings > Display > Resolution.

So in Win 10 I changed the display resolution from 3840 x 2160 to 1920 x 1080.

When I set it to 1920x1080 Windows accepts that but now it displays that resolution with black box bars around it. So here's my crappy camera shot of the TV, and hopefully you can see Windows displaying within black bars on the TV:

Camera shot of Windows 10 PC settings_annotated.jpg


I rebooted and it stays that way. If I then go to the Radeon Panel and try to delete the Custom Resolution it gives me the same error messages, still saying: "The Custom Resolution is currently in use. To delete this resolution, first go to the OS resolution page and change the resolution".


So I'm stuck. How can I delete the Custom Resolution or switch back to the Radeon Panel auto detecting resolutions?