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Question asked by projectz on Apr 25, 2018

i am not sure if this question has been solved previously or not but i am looking for a solution to this bug on the drivers.

my computer specs

OS: windows 10 ver 1709

CPU: i7 4770k 3.5ghz

RAM: 12gb corsair vengeance cl9

GPU: rx 580 gigabyte 8g gaming

PSU: corsair gs 800

Motherboard: maximus vi extreme


i upgraded from my r9290x to rx580


whenever i use scaling and it has to be 6% to fit whole screen since my tv does not have an auto image adjust it drops frame rates by allot and pc becomes slugish even in desktop performance you can see the windows animation as you open and close them didnt have this problem on my old card need some assistance

things i have tried used ddu and amd clean install utilities with each version of drivers i could find from 1st crimson to latest adrenalin even used a new ssd with fresh instalation of windows didnt help so i am pretty sure it has something to do with the drivers.