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2600x cpu frequency drops to 15 % in game.. Bad CPU?

Question asked by samicii on Apr 25, 2018

I got a wierd thing going on.


In gaming I get fps drops that is horrible. I looked at the CPU frequency monitor and it drops from 103% to 15% and then back up again. I can also see that the frequency on stock is from 400mhz min to almost 5000mhz when in game,  which seems wierd.


The temps are good ( 50-60c) when playing and nothing goes over 60c on HWmonitor.


Do i have a bad chip? I reinstalled a fresh copy of windows on it , and updated all drivers but no improvement.


CPU: 2600x stock

MB: Asrock AB350M Pro4 matx (lastest BIOS version)

DDR4: G.skill tridentZ 16gb 3200

Stock Cooling