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    no problem,but refused mesage


      I think it is very wrong to reject my comment, about the stock dissipater, I think they should give me some explanation if it is real or not the warranty, so I can decide whether or not to buy the processor, because although I have seen that the stock dissipater is of good quality, I have an ekwb refrigeration, which costs more than the processor, simply clarify the doubt or tell me if I have the option to buy it directly without a heatsink

      its tending tropic in internet de coment,the dissipater.

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          you mean Cooler?


          if you DONT OC or live in a WARM country it would be OK with the stock cooler


          ps - i use a Thermalright SilverArrow-Extreme // on warm summer-days i have 40°C in my flat - so i need a good cooler

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            Unfortunately some AMD pages about the warranty and the cooler are quite old.
            AMD/ATI as a long lasting company with a lot of pages, that often get forgotten, it is hard to update all the policies of a company everywhere.


            To answer to your question, you can use another cooler with AMD cpu's, AMD company need to update this page stating it is an issue i think.
            So you can buy an AMD cpu and change the cooler without voiding your cpu warranty.
            Obviously if the cooler you plan to use is better than the AMD one, that to be honest, is a great cooler for stock and/or small oc.