Vega core state 0 on dedicated vega cards causes system hangs

Discussion created by paul17041993 on Apr 24, 2018
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As per the discoveries in the older thread, core state 0 (and similarly HBM states 0-1) has inadequate voltage supplied to the Vega SoC to remain stable, most particularly in certain application workloads, VSR configurations and/or multiple displays. The instability causes the card to hard-lock and shut down its PCIe link to the system, subsequently causing a whole system HALT outside of OS control (ie; no BSOD or driver control, complete system hang with audio buzz/crackle/loop).


This occurs on several systems and several cards, including but not limited to the vega 64 air and liquid models, vega 56, probably the vega FE but not yet confirmed, reference and aftermarket models...
i7 3770k, i7 4790k, ryzen 1600X, ryzen 1800X, i7 6900k, X370 boards, 750 and 1000W platinum and gold PSUs, and so on...

has not been fixed since the release driver, so all known driver releases for vega are affected...


Does not however affect APU vega models, as the SoC on those is fixed to 1.1-1.125 volts, which is the common load voltage between all vega models.


From current experimentation, .850V is the minimum stable SoC voltage, whereas most vega cards dip to .740-.800, which causes either immediate or delayed SoC failures when certain workloads are applied (as per the first paragraph).