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    Unattended installation driver script


      Doesn anyone know for some script which will download latest driver and install it unattended or silent??

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          This is the closest AMD program to download AMD latest GPU drivers. : AMD Driver Autodetect

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              Yes I know this, but it doesn't work withouth user intervention and switches /quiet or /silent, doesn't work.

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                  In my opinion, If any software automatically downloads and install drivers without User knowledge it would be risky. I realize that Windows Update does this which is very annoying (I have the driver update disabled on my computer for Windows Update). For Driver installation, Users should always be aware of what will be installed before it actually is installed on the computer.


                  Maybe you can write a script that activates AMD Driver AUTODETECT and by script, clicks on the "install" button automatically to download and install the driver. Than you can use TASK SCHEDULER to make a task to run the script once a day or more.


                  Why don't you ask someone in Computer programming (Possibly a student at a nearby University or college majoring in Computer Programming) to write that type of script for you.


                  But to answer you original post, NO, I don't know of any script to do what you are asking. It is possible someone from this Forum may know of a script like that.


                  Good Luck.

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                I can't believe AMD doesn't have a "silent" install option for their drivers.

                I work for a Fortune 500 company doing PC image creation, software distribution, and technical programming.

                I know 95%+ of the hardware vendors provide a silent install option.  How else are large business going to install and deploy AMD products?

                I'm working on a project right now to deploy ~200 Windows 10 PCs containing a Radeon PRO WX 4100.

                We can't afford to have a tech sitting at each PC clicking through a driver installation.


                Here's my solution.  It's something I use on a regular basis for silent installs of other drivers when I don't need or want to display a "progress" interface.

                MS has a utility, "DPInst (Driver Package Installer)", that will install a driver using the driver's folder contained in Windows\System32\DriverStore\FileRepository.

                These folders are created when you manually install the driver using AMD's instructions.

                DPInst.exe is included in the Windows Driver Kit. If you search for "dpinst wdk download" you'll get a link.


                To get DPInst.exe (for 32bit) or DPinst64.exe (for 64bit) to install an AMD graphics driver (in my case a PRO WX 4100) you'll need to do the following:

                • Make sure the PC you're using as the build PC doesn't already have the AMD driver installed and also you haven't recently installed or updated any driver.
                • Manually install the AMD driver. After installation open Windows Explorer and go to Windows\System32\DriverStore\FileRepository. Sort the folders list by “Date Modified”.   The 2 or 3 folders with the date/time closest to the current date/time are the ones that contain the driver files created by the manual install.   Copy those folders to a folder on a flash drive.
                • Copy/modify the lines in the attached commands and save it to the flash drive.  The REM statements can be removed - only there to explain what's going on.
                • On the target PC install the graphics card, power it up and copy the AMD driver folders from the flash drive to C:\Windows\System32\DriverStore\FileRepository.  You will need admin rights to do this.
                • Run AMD.cmd "As Administrator".  If everything is copasetic you will see the DPINST commands being run and the drivers will be installed silently.
                • You are now prepared to add the FileRepository folders and AMD.cmd to whatever system you use to deploy drivers in your environment.



                Hope this helps anyone who posted looking for a way to silently install AMD drivers.