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    Ryzen 5 2400G : which drivers?



      I'm new to AMD and I bought a Ryzen 5 2400G and I'm kinda lost when I try to understand the way drivers are published.


      That's the only drivers I found :

      On Asrock MB page : 17.40.3301 (works ok, better than AMD's ones)

      On AMD product page : 17.40.3701 is the lastest version (but it's from 2/12/2018) (big issue : if screen goes to sleep, it never can comes back and I need to reset PC...)


      On forum I can see references for "Radeon Adrenalin" which 18.3 radeon update?


      I'm not sure how does things works with AMD :

      - Are software APU/GPU specific or is there a general Radeon app and appropriate drive is automaticaly selected?

      - Is Radeo Adrenalin just the new Radeon software or for GPU and not APU?

      - I tried the automatic driver utility : it didn't find any device on my PC compatible... uh?