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EGPU / WX7100 / Impossible to drive 5k monitor

Question asked by pierrix on Apr 24, 2018
Latest reply on Apr 24, 2018 by elstaci

Hello everybody,

i just bought the akitio node together with the AMD Radeon Pro WX7100. the main reason why i bought this card was the availability of 4 dp ports in order to connect my 2 5k dell.

Now comes the problem. I updated my mbp touchbar 15" 2016 at high sierra (last version), updated akitio node firmware, and, when i connect the Dual DP cable to the WX7100, the screen is dark (entering power save mode). If i unplug the dual cable and connect the monitor to the single cable (4k), it works (but only 4k resolution)

The same happens with my dell XPS 15 connected via thunderbolt 3. Via single cable (mini displayport) the display works at 4k. If i connect two cables (2xdp 1.2), the monitor enters sleep mode.

Are there any fixes in order to make my 5k up2715k work at full resolution (5k)?

Thank you very much for your help!!