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    Where are AMD Reference Cards manufactured?




      Does anyone know where AMD Reference cards such as R9 Fury X or Radeon Pro Duo or R9 Nano are manufactured please?
      I recently purchased a PowerColor R9 Fury X second hand. It failed almost immediately with a blown or missing component / previously modded board and I am trying to determine the reason why it failed and trying to identify the failed component and it's function.

      I contacted AMD Customer Support by opening a support case and I was told that I had to contact PowerColor as AMD produce GPU they do not manufacture cards.


      I contacted PowerColor RMA department and although they were under absolutely no Warranty Obligation at all to help me out with this card (it is second hand therefore out of warranty anyhow) they responded to me very quickly, asked me for pictures, serial numbers from the box etc,  and told me they can search their parts database for any PowerColor design and identify the failed component and supply information on the component value and circuit function. Then the next day I received the response that the R9 Fury X is an AMD Reference design and I need to contact AMD.


      I will contact AMD Support about this again but I seem to be stuck in a loop here. AMD point to PowerColor, yet PowerColor send me back to AMD.
      It seems if a single surface mount component on any of my other AMD R9 Fury/Nano/FuryX Reference GPU's dies then ... no help is available to determine why and the card is junked.
      Is this correct?



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          AMD provides the specs to the board partners for reference cards, and they assemble them themselves, AMD only makes the Fire series professional cards.

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              Thanks for replying.


              I guess my best bet is to purchase another PowerColor R9 FuryX, open it, measure the component on that board myself and try to determine its value and function then ... unless someone else on the forum with a PowerColor R9 Fury X can help me. I was unable to find a decent PowerColor Fury X to purchase. I might try to replace the component just for practice of SMD soldering, and who knows, might get the card running by some miracle ... but I seriously doubt it. 


              I did manage to purchase a used Sapphire R9 Fury X which should be delivered soon.
              Those Sapphire FuryX are covered with glossy Sapphire Stickers which are apparently difficult to remove and prevent opening the Sapphire Fury X units. Since different manufacturers then no guarantee that same component will have been used on both PCBs.