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    Best AMD Radeon settings for Overwatch? Crossfire Rx580


      Hey I play Overwatch competitively and recently switched over from Nvidia(GTX 960s) to AMD(rx580s) when I got a new Desktop. Despite the fact that I am using newer graphics cards I am getting significantly worse performance. I have my settings in game set very low and my I tried my best to optimize radeon to the best of my ability but still not much luck. I would like to get a consistent 199-220 FPS in game while keeping latency(input lag) to a maximum of 40ms. If anyone can help me figure out the best settings for performance in overwatch in game and for radeon I would be very grateful. Thank you!



      Intel Core i7-7700k CPU @ 4.20GHz

      16.0 GB GDDR5 RAM

      64-bit Operating system windows 10

      Radeib RX 580s Crossfire

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          I've been trying to get this game running in Crossfire with no luck. The only solution seems to be to disable Crossfire. I have RX 580 as well and I can get in the 80-120 FPS range on max settings. But enabling crossfire actually results in a complete system hang for me. I was hoping if I could get close to double the performance that would put me well above my monitor's 144hz refresh rate but it doesn't work at all for me.