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How to enable DirectGMA on my WX5100 using the Ubuntu Driver version 16.50

Question asked by martinduboiskms on Apr 23, 2018
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I am working on a Linux device driver for a PCIe cart. I want to add a feature allowing the PCIe card to write data directly into the AMD WX5100 card memory using the DirectGMA technology. I already did it on Windows without problem.


I work on a Linux computer using Ubuntu 16.04.4 with kernel I installed the amdgpu-pro driver version 16.50. It work fine. I now need to enable the DirectGMA extension. The documentation said to use amdconfig but I do not have amdconfig on my system.


The amdgpu module parameters include a parameter for the DirectGMA memory windows size. I set it to 96 MB using a boot option but this did not enable the extension.


How can I enable the DirectGMA extension on my WX5100 when using the 16.50 Ubuntu amdgpu-pro driver?


Thanks in advance