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    Gpu stay high temperatures in idle.


      AMD FX-6350 4.19 ghz

      ASUS Radeon R7 260x 1GB OC

      Msi 970A-G43

      Corsair VS550

      My normal idle temperature is around 30-40 celsius, but now its stay at 70-75 celsius. When im try to tune the fan speed it turn back to default setting. I'm already reinstall the driver but still same. What issue on my PC ?




      Yea, I know is a potato PC. At least it still can run some game in low setting .

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          Try this and see if your GPU temps go down. Under "TASK MANAGER" click on "END TASK" on everything related to "RELIVE" and see if the Temps go down. This is from the following AMD Forum thread: https://community.amd.com/message/2853811#comment-2853811?q=rx480%20running%20at%20maximum


          When the Rx480 is running hot at idle, is the card running at maximum rate?  Are you by any chance using a 3rd party software like MSI Afterburner or Asus Tweak II or Trixx? If you are uninstalled them and see if it makes any difference.


          You can also try this solution from a previous thread. Seems like Relive tends to cause RX series GPU card to run at maximum at times. They basically ended the RELIVE task in Task manager. Afterwards the GPU went back to normal.

          Finaly! Thx a lot!  I thougt i am the only one!


          At HWMonitor, i have, from time to time, 100% and max GPU-Clock. After a few tests i did find the Problem:                           

          Firefox + Youtube (Only Fullscreen) + ReLife-Host/Desktop task.

          I did not have ReLive installed, but i have 17.12.2.

          After killing the ReLive task... 0% GPU use.


          How can i turn ReLive off ?

          I did rename the .exe ... but its just a workaround ?! (amddvr.exe  + amdow.exe)

          or the only way?


          If the Card is still running hot, Check to see if the fan (s) are working properly. Could be a bad fan not cooling well.