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PC hang on all 18.3xx using RDP

Question asked by mclingo on Apr 23, 2018

got a really odd problem, i've had this before with older drivers but its recurred with 18.3xx versions. My pc is fine and works at home no problems at all, however when I connect to my PC from work it will randomly hang. Problem is I get no BSOD, no minidump no memory dump, nothing at all. Fans are running, lan flickering etc but nothing t all, I have to do a hard reset.


Its definitely a AMD driver issue though as installing 18.2.2 fixes it. I'm wondering if 18.3xx drivers are using more power than 18.2.2 and its over taxing my PSU.


PC details:


Windows 10 creators update

8 gig DDR 3

Intell i7 2700k

P8 Z68-V LX