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RX560 FPS Capping?

Question asked by flyingpotatoe on Apr 22, 2018



I have just got an RX560 and have been using it on different games to see how it is performing and I have noticed an issue which is arising on several games but not all.


For games the following games I am getting an FPS cap/lock at 20 FPS on Race Injection, Race 07 & Automobilista, and 30FPS on Rocket League. These are all games which on previous GPUs would run with varying FPS. However, for the RX560 these are solid 20 or 30 FPS, no fluctuations except for loading periods this happens from start/title screens, in menus and in gameplay.


I have updated all my drivers on the PC and GPU, I have fully uninstalled the games and clean installed them again,. I have tried almost all settings in Radeon Setting options, ran v-sync on and off, changed all my PC settings to high performance and checked all my connections. Lowering the graphic settings to low makes no difference, still locked. The only time i can get a boost is by changing resolution to something like 720 but then I get horrible screen stuttering.


My setup is RX560, Intel i7 4700 quad core, 16 gb ram, 1TB HHD and 250gb SSD, 1080 60hrz monitor.


Any advice on ways to fix this/these issues? If it was just one game I could let it slip but for 4-5 of my most played titles is a bit hard to take.


Thanks in advance.