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    Trouble installing AnyMP 4 Software


      I have on many occasions tried to install four pieces of S/W that go by the name of AnyMP 4.

      When I open and try to run this S/W it says that there is a newer version available, and that I should install it.

      And when I try to follow the directions, the S/W is never updated.  When I try to run the older version,

      it crashes.


      There was a notice included with this software saying that it could have something to do with the AMD

      drivers not being the correct ones for my PC CPU and Video Card.  However I have always installed

      the newest AMD drivers when they become available.


      Is there some other AMD software available, that I'm not aware of, that needs to be installed on my PC,

      which could be the reason for, or contributing to this problem?



      MoBo:     ASUS M5A97 Plus

      CPU:      AMD FX-8370E

      Video:     AMD Radeon R9 Fury

      OS:         Windows 7 64 bit




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          If this is the GPU AMD Driver that you installed, it is the correct one : Desktop .


          The last chipset for your motherboard from Asus Support was from 2013. I inputted at AMD download page the following data - CHIPSETS - AMD 9 SERIES CHIPSETS - ALL 9 SERIES CHIPSETS - WINDOWS 7 x 64 and this is the latest Chipset driver set for your AMD Motherboard : Previous AMD Chipset Drivers .


          Try updating your Motherboard's Chipset with the above Chipset drivers. If, for some reason you have problems installing it, post back on the errors you are getting.

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              Dear Sir:

              The AMD Chipset Driver is


              I don't know, but I think that is the latest one, correct?

              And the Video Driver is version 18.3.4 which is the latest.



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                  This is the latest for your AMD Motherboard from AMD Support from the link in my previous Post:


                  Previous AMD Chipset Drivers:

                  AMD Chipset Drivers68.8 MB17.401/16/2018*DOWNLOAD
                  Supports Windows 10/7



                  Package Includes:

                                             AMD Chipset Drivers
                                             AMD Ryzen™ Balanced Power Plan
                                             Support for
                                                            Windows 7/10 for 7th Generation AMD A-Series Processors
                                                            Windows 7/10 for AMD Ryzen™ desktop processor
                                                            Windows 10 only for AMD Ryzen™ Threadripper™ Processor
                                                            Windows 10 only for AMD Ryzen™ Threadripper™ AMD X399 Chipset


                  The Chipset you posted is very old. Try updating with the above Chipset Drivers from AMD Support.