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18.2.1 game profiles are ignored, only 'global settings' affect gameplay.

Question asked by captainher0 on Apr 21, 2018
Latest reply on Jul 15, 2018 by kingfish



I am using 18.2.1 with R9 295X2GPU, Winblow$ 10 64bit. It seems only the 'Global Settings' affect game-play and crossfire. If crossfire mode is turned ON in global settings, then no matter what game I launch via its custom profile, they all boot in crossfire mode.


World of Tanks is UNPLAYABLE in crossfire mode, even with the WOT crossfire profile selected, the ground and sky are triangles and they flicker black so fast I'm gonna have an epileptic seizure.

So I set the custom WOT profile to DISABLE crossfire. When I enable the profile for WOT, (making sure the other games profiles are disabled) I select "launch" from the profile and the game starts... in crossfire mode....!!!!!


The ONLY way to stop this game (or any other) from playing crossfire, is to go to global settings and disable crossfire globally. I have to enable/disable the global settings for each game I play like Fallout 4 etc... so it would seem that the custom profiles, actually do nothing at all.