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    Sapphire 2GB RX460 Crashing


      Greetings, to all.


      First off, here are my specs:


      PSU: Thermaltake LITEPOWER 450W

      RAM: 5GB DDR2

      Graphics Card: 2GB Sapphire RX460 (WITH A FACTORY OC)

      Motherboard: Dell 0FM586

      CPU: Core 2 Quad Q6600 Kentsfield @ 2.40 GHz

      Am I missing anything?



      Ever since I got this card, I have had constant issues. I've come to the end of it now and I'm quite displeased. Every time I play a game, doesn't matter what, the GPU will crash with a pop up message down the bottom saying Default Wattman Settings were applied. Event log says "Display driver amdkmdap stopped responding and has successfully recovered."


      Originally I installed the drivers from the AMD website. Those didn't fix my issue. I then proceeded to the Sapphire website to download the drivers, same result. I then used the driver disk, same result. This is where we are today, I believe. I am unsure on how to get full driver details for you.


      The box the card came in does say that it came Factory OC. I downloaded Wattman and it came with an .ini configuration for what I thought was the default RX460 settings. All this does visibly is speed up the fans.


      The only things I have installed are GPUTweak, which came with the GPU. The only thing I have changed in there is the fan speeds for a custom setting, when the GPU is quite hot. Sometimes switching between modes (Overclock, Gaming, Silent, Cooling (cooling being the custom one) it causes a full scale computer crash, but that seems to not have happened for some time.




      I hope I have provided enough information for your assistance. Please help me.





      Edit: CPU added

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          3rd party overclocking software like MSI Afterburner or Asus Tweak II are not totally compatible with AMD Wattman which can cause GPU problems. Even if Wattman is not activated, these 3rd party software will cause problems since some parts of Wattman is used by AMD Driver.


          Try uninstalling the GPU Tweak and then use Wattman to configure your Sapphire card. See if it makes a difference. Before uninstalling GPU Tweak be sure to put your GPU card back on "Defaults" .

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            Please help. I really want to get this fixed. It just crashed, again. I understand people are in different time zones and that I may not get a reply asap, but it has been two days and there has been nil response.

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                Delete Asus tweak from your computer completely.

                Clean Install AMD Graphics Drivers

                4. Delete the contents of the C:/AMD folder of all previous drivers

                5. Win10 users..take the necessary steps to prevent/delay Microsoft automatically changing/installing graphics drivers using one of these methods > Windows 10 Forums

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                    Thank you for your support. Unfortunately, another issue has arisen while installing the driver, Error 99.


                    I followed what the article said (going through advanced startup -> startup settings -> disable driver signature enforcement) but that unfortunately didn't have any effect, as the installation is still saying Error 99.



                    I also tried the minimal setup I found as an alternate download for my Graphics Card, that produced the same error.



                    I can feel it. The solution is coming.




                    - edit, i tried installing out of safe mode. it installed, yes, but it still crashes. If anything, more frequently too. As soon as I finished loading GTA V, it crashed.


                    just for clarification, it doesnt blue screen. The screen just goes black, then comes back, and in eventvwr it tells me that

                    "Display driver amdkmdap stopped responding and has successfully recovered."

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                        Can you verify what Windows version you have installed and what computer Make & Model you have? The Motherboard you posted seems to be for a Dell Inspiron 530 Computer? is that what you have?


                        That Motherboard is from the 2011-2012 year.

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                            Windows 10, and yes, Inspirion 530. I got it from a "Professional PC Builder/PC Parts" Shop. An example of how bad they are is they had a 120w PSU in there, and the model number of the PSU was 450. I think thats where they got confused and thought that was the wattage. The PSU is now a 450w.

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                                Found this thread on Tom's Hardware with a similar old Motherboard and RAM installed using a RX 460. The OPS is also complaining about the computer crashing all the time. Seems like you are going to need to Underclock the RX 460 to it normal standard Clock value. The model you have is Overclocked and your Motherboard/CPU may not be able to handle the RX 460. Anyway, take a look at the thread and see what you think. ATI RX 460 Crashing on any game - [Solved] - Graphics Cards .


                                You can use AMD Wattman to Underclock your Overclocked (from the factory) GPU Card and see if the crashed are reduced or eliminated.


                                This was the "Correct Answer" in that thread:


                                Zalman makes a mediocre PSU, at best. I like their other products, but their PSU line is not recommended by many (I have had personal experience with their lack of quality). Also, from a tech perspective, this computer is ancient and is not up to the task of feeding the RX 460.


                                Also, factory OCs are not always rock solid.


                                You can try underclocking the GPU (I would recommend to the speeds of a generic RX 460).


                                However, to get the level of performance the RX 460 is capable of, you'll need to upgrade your rig to use more modern tech.

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                                    Alright. If you can tell me what values I should clock it too, then I think that will be all I need from you.



                                    Also, another person suggested something similar, but with Wattool. He said to set the last three power states to 1143. That didn't really do much. What it did do though was add some noticeably weird artifacts within games such as GTA V, and I'm even seeing them pop up in the text while im typing this. I don't think the text it's self is changing, i think it's like


                                    "above the text"



                                    if you get what i mean.


                                    Hopefully if the crashes are fixed once I underclock it, I will just reinstall the driver to see if the weird artifacts disappear, then underclock it again if need be.


                                    Thank you for all your help.