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Why does the display driver crash randomly regardless of what driver I am using? [RX 460]

Question asked by kittehkun on Apr 18, 2018
Latest reply on Apr 20, 2018 by kingfish

I've been dealing with this issue for quite a while now and it's starting to get to me because it takes out the fun in any type of game, especially when I'm playing in a multiplayer match. Essentially, what is happening is that I'll be able to play on any type of game I want for a period of time, sometimes it's shorter, and suddenly the display driver will crash and show a checkered-like pattern as seen in the attached image.


Sometimes, I'll encounter a blue-screen about TDR_VIDEO_FAILURE but that's on VERY rare occasions since the display driver usually recovers. Also, on some occasions, I'll have to hard restart the computer because the system won't recover and it'll just lock up.


My PC Specs:
Dell XPS 8900 - Standard Mobo
RX 460 2GB OC Edition

Intel i7 6700
16GB of RAM


I did run an overclock which somehow helped out by lengthening the amount of time I could play before the driver would crash. I reset it just to rule out it wasn't an overclocking issue and still, I would get the driver crashes at random intervals. I also want to note that my system does not in anyway shape or form overheat as far as I can tell, both my CPU and GPU are both at 40-50 degrees idle to load respectively.


I know that my system is well capable of being compatible with one another and I'm at a loss of ideas here. I've tried using DDU to cleaning and safely install every type of driver software that was available for my graphics card but it all gave me the same result as it would crash and show the checkered pattern again. Just a side note, once the driver recovers, I try to open the Radeon Settings application in which it'll immediately crash and restart itself and then everything is back to normal again.


Below is the attached picture of what happens randomly when I'm gaming (and sometimes this will happen when the computer is at idle too).


If anybody could help me I would be very grateful. I haven't encountered any kind of graphics card issues this bad before.