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    Dual graphic AMD A10 9700+ amd r7 240


      Пробовал все доступные драйвера,


      В биосе поставил 2GB,  в системе появляются оба ГП.Однако в amd Radeon а так же в каталисте (старая версия драйвера) отсутствует опция включения dual graphic. Мб посоветуете какой то определенный драйвер. Подключение  VGA.

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             Jon Reid





          Sorry this forum is an English language forum only. I don't know of anyone here that can read that. If you could use a translator like Google Translate and re-post that in English. Please also include all information in this link: INFORMATION REQUIRED WHEN POSTING A QUESTION    Someone will then be able to try and help.



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            Hello. Why I cant include dual graphics? (this option isnt in settings of the driver of the video card!). In the system of a task manager I see two graphic processors. One it which is built in the AMD A10 9700 processor — radeon r7 on him isnt present loading. Other card is discrete, it is radeon r7 240 2GB ddr3. I want to unite both graphic processors (in dual graphics) if it is possible. Windows 10 x64, VGA. In the uefi bios settings, for built in the graphic card of the processor, I have exposed memory size in 2GB. In radeon r7 240 too 2GB. However in settings of a draver there is no dual graphics mode. Perhaps the old driver is required? I use the translator I apologize for mistakes. Thanks.

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              All the links I have reviewed, and some have already read.

              The drivers are the newest at the last moment

              Download only goes to a discrete video card.

                 Video chip processor AMD A10 9700 idle. Occasionally, the schedule captures the load of 1%. That's all! And I can not understand - is it already working in this way dual graphic? How can I tell if dual graphic for performance improvement is working?


              • AMD Graphics Card
                • AMD R7 240
              • Desktop
              • Windows 10 64bit
              • Driver version installed
                • Newest!
                • Display Devices
                • Samsung 720n 1280x1024 @75Hz VGA
              • Motherboard + Bios Revision
                • Asus PRIME-A320M-E ( bios 4008)
              • CPU/APU
                • QuadCore AMD A10-9700E     /      AMD Radeon R7 Series (Bristol Ridge)
              • Power Supply Unit  Make, Model & Wattage
                • noname 500watt
              • RAM
                • 4gb


              Complete lack of hybrid memory in the central processor. Demonstration:  GRAPHIC AMD A10 9700+ r7 240! - YouTube 

              The load will be only if you connect the monitor to the motherboard.

                 But in this case, the discrete graphics card stops working.

                 How to unite them.

                 Or tell me which video card I need to make dualgraphic


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                  Okay so this is a desktop APU with a Video Card installed. I do not believe it is possible for those to work together in a crossfire configuration if that is what you are asking.


                  Now you are asking what video card to pair with it to unite them. Again I don't know what you mean, do you mean crossfire? Even if there was a card any current generation card won't and would be far more powerful anyway.


                  If you are needing more power to play games then you probably need to buy a more powerful card.


                  I am very sorry if I am getting your questions or intent wrong here. I am sure things are being lost in translation.

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                      Thank you! I understood. In any case, I was very interested in how to run this function on my devices. Of course, I can take the top card. But I wanted to have experience using dual graphic using my processor. There was a decision to take the A-series processor to use this technology. However, I was at zero - actually - like the load in the integrated video chip of the processor.

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                        Pokester, he is not asking about crossfire. He is asking about dual graphics, which is similar but not quit crossfire. It is a function that allows you to pair the gpu in your apu with a discrete graphics card with similar specs, but unlike crossfire they do not need to be identical, just from the same architecture. Maskax600, make sure your mother board supports dual graphics and not just crossfire. However since they changed their software I have also been having trouble getting it to work. If I find a solution I will post it here.

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                            Well if they are asking about Multi-Gpu under Direct X 12 then yes I know what that is and unless you are playing Ashes of Singularity it is a moot point as still it is of no use as that is the only game that has multi-gpu support that I know of. Likely more should be coming in a year maybe. Nobody seems to be in a hurry for true DX12 engines to hit the real world. I also don't know that under that spec if it works with a GPU and APU or requires just multiple GPUs. So much of that is hypothetical at this point and not been seem in reality. So typically with a GPU and APU you are limited to switching only similar to laptop setups.

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                            Also I almost forgot but you must have dual channel memory and two physical sticks of memory installed.




                            How to configure dual graphics in APU processor?