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    Broken socket cover but pins are ok.


      I'm kinda in hard possition atm, i need to rma a motherboard but accidently socket cover was broken.

      Pins are fine, but before that after flashing bios motherboard stopped working, i gues bad luck.

      Is it possible to order am4 socket ?

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          Need to post your Computer specs as per AMD Forum rule : INFORMATION REQUIRED WHEN POSTING A QUESTION .


          In general, you probably can replace the AM4 socket (according to some Youtube Videos). BUT you will need specialized tools to do it plus find another socket to replace it with. It is not worth the effort to repair.


          It will be cheaper and faster just to replace your Motherboard. If you damaged the CPU Socket, it could POSSIBLY void your warranty on the motherboard. Depends on how the Motherboard Support hears the reason for how the CPU socket got damaged.