Radeon PRO wx 5100 on HP z400

Discussion created by valkia-innos on Apr 17, 2018
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Hello Community.

A couple of weeks ago, me and some friends decided to join for a small project in Blender3D and we got some old HP Z400 equipped with 6core - 12 threads, 16GB RAM and with Quadro 2000 GPUs. Obviously we decided to buy a few Radeon PRO wx5100 or wx3100.


Our question is... Since we are in first steps beginning from zero as a team with a very limited budget (for the moment), we wanted to ask if is it possible that WX5100 or WX3100 is it run on these HP Z400 without need to upgrade PSU of these workstations?


HP Z400 PSU are 475W and for the moment we are thinking on possible upgrades of GPUs as our main priority. We know aren't worth much upgrades for Z400.


Thank you in advance.