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Netflix and Media player classic problem

Question asked by rsjhon on Apr 17, 2018
Latest reply on Aug 5, 2019 by coldcell

Hi, I've come here to report a recurring issue for quite some time.

An old issue with Netflix that caused locking or stuttering on windows had been reported and apparently resolved ... Except that either the problem returned or was never resolved.



It has been a while since with both classic Home Cinema media player and Netflix player.

The issue occurs when a browser flap with the netlfix player stays open for a long time or the MPC HC player stays open for a long time. If one issue issue, the other will already be. For example, MPC HC is open a long time and the issue occurs, closing it and opening netflix in the browser, it will already be with the issue.




I only experienced the issue when it is not executing anything (MPC HC) or paused video (Netflix and MPC HC). Appears more or less for 2-3 hours while it is open.

Netflix occurs only with the player.

While the small continuous crashes occur, closing the netflix flap or closing the MPC HC window, the crashes disappear, but immediately come back if I try to open them again, making it impossible to use the PC.

The issue disappears only when you restart windows.

I have to be careful not to leave either of the two open after watching something.

While it is berto and already has the issue, the pc is normal, but when I play in a video, the whole pc starts with sttutering.



My PC:

Ryzen 1600x

8GB ram

RX 480 4GB

Windows 10 PRO 1709 16299.371

Radeon driver 18.3.2



PS: I'm not confident that the new versions of the drivers have resolved the issue ... And getting back to previous driver versions because of that is not at all interesting considering the support for new games.



Is there an alternative to fixing this, without having to restart the PC?