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DOPP has bugs when set overlapping values in Eyefinity mode

Question asked by macx on Apr 17, 2018
Latest reply on Sep 19, 2018 by xhuang

Recently I'm exploring DOPP features with radeon pro wx5100 card on win10 x64 system. display driver version is 18.q1.1 enterprise edition.

it's ok when run DOPPEffectOpenGL sample program under Eyefinity mode(SLS 2*1, resolution 2560*1024).  but there's no effect when set overlapping value (example: 100 pixels),

debug with source code, the problem is present texture size is 2560*1024(wglGenPresentTextureAMD()), but desktop texture size is 2460*1024(use wglGetDesktopTextureAMD()),

texture can't present by wglPresentTextureToVideoAMD(...) when size not equal 2460*1024. 


what is the right processing logic with overlap setting? I think that is DOPP can present texture with size 2560*1024, overlap for texture processed by user application, not driver.