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RX 460 stuck at 300mhz/Random crashes

Question asked by renzlox08 on Apr 17, 2018

Recently purchased this card for my system. Looking to play esports games at 60fps 720p and play other HD games at least console level performance.


System Specs:

Windows 10 64bit

A8-5600k 3.6ghz

Powercolor Red Dragon RX 460 2gb

4gb ram


1st problem:

I noticed that my memory clock is stuck at 300mhz while playing games. This gives me low framerates while playing games (dota 2/csgo avg: 40-60fps). I saw videos online they get at least 100fps on this games at max settings 1080p (I only play @ 720p). Tried various fixes I found online like high performance power settings, disable ULPS using MSI afterburner, still same issue. Using the built-in amd overlay and MSI afterburner as monitor BTW.


2nd problem:

I get random crashes now and then while playing games. Screen turns black for a few sec. then comes back to the game (sometimes it completely crashes and windows gives me a blue screen). I searched online and found out that its a common problem for rx 460 and they recommend underclocking the card by 15%. Is it the only way? Why do I need to reduce my GPU performance just for it to be stable? Why cant it run stable on its stock clock settings?


Tried everything I can fixing these issues clean uninstall drivers, reinstalling drivers I even fresh installed my OS just to be sure but still no luck. Hope someone can help me. Tnx in advance.