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    OpenCL SDK for AMD EPYC and Hawaii architecture GPUs


      I am trying to setup a OpenCL environment for the following hardwares and operating system.

      CPU : AMD EPYC 7551P

      GPU : AMD FirePro S9150 (Hawaii)

      OS : CentOS 7.4


      I've succesfully installed AMDGPU-PRO for the FirePro S9150 and it is working as OpenCL 1.2, which is okay.


      For CPU, however, I am confused whether I should install ROCm or AMDAPP-SDK. According to this post, OpenCL issues on EPYC 7551 , EPYC processors are suffering from performance problem. I am wondering if this problem is still on going, should I stick to ROCm not AMDAPP-SDK? But, then AMDAPP-SDK requires Catalyst not AMDGPU-PRO. Would this be okay?


      If I were to use ROCm, isn't there any way to use ROCm in CentOS 7.4? I'm asking this because according to ROCm website and official documentation ROCm is only available for Ubuntu and Fedora.