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Radeon ProRender light emission settings in Maya

Question asked by scrosedk on Apr 15, 2018

Light Bulb 1.jpg

The above result is what i have achieved with the Arnold  Render in Maya. Although the overall quality of the image is poor, the filament in the light


bulb successfully lights up the objects in the environment.

Light Bulb 2.jpg

The second image is what i get with Radeon-Pro in Maya with the emission power of the light set to 2000Watt per sqm which is already a absurd


value. obviously, the filament fails to illuminate the surroundings. And further increasing the power doesn't seem to help the situation(Trust me, I


even tried 20000000Watt per sqm to compensate the small surface area of the filament!).

Light Bulb 3.jpg

the 'Light Bulb 3.jpg' attached to this message shows the result by applying the same emissive material to the glass shell instead of the filament


(with emission power set to only 200W per sqm). One can see that the surroundings are well illuminated, but it is not the effect i want!  So i wonder if have missed any


configurations in the case of the filament or it is just a built in limitation of the current Radeon ProRender.