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    Can't choose RX460 as Main GPU in Microsoft Flight Simulator X


      I recently got my Asus X550IU, moving from old 2010's laptop and expecting to run FSX in ultra graphic with GDDR5 GPU, but in the end, I only can run it in very low (med-high traffic) with below 30 FPS, same as my old laptop. And I found it that I use R7 IGP instead of RX460, how to change this settings? I already set all the setting to maximum performance


      Spec :
      ASUS X550IU


      FX9830P with R7 IGP

      RX460M 4GB GDDR5

      8GB DDR4 RAM

      BIOS version X550IU.306 08/09/2017
      OS : Windows 10 64 Bit




      Thank you, looking forward to your answers