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S9100: gpu-z not %100 functional + problems

Question asked by beemerrbiker on Apr 15, 2018
Latest reply on Apr 18, 2018 by fsadough

Using driver 1800.12 and having problems.

First off, GPU-Z is not showing temperature nor clock though appears to be working fine.s9100tmp.png


Secondly, I seem to be having problems performing more than one task concurrently.  About 1 out of every 4 tasks fail when running 8 concurrent tasks.  Comparing my system to another user who has S9150 (different driver and windows 8.1), they have no failures running the same tasks.  When I reduce the number of concurrent tasks, the % of failed tasks decrease.  It is not clear to me what the problem is and I was wondering if there was a diagnostic program that I can run.  I am not an expert on AMD and OpenCL.  I have some experience with CUDA and that comes with some diagnostic stuff.  Is there a user friendly diagnostic I can download for AMD & OpenCL?  I am not interested in the development system unless it has a diagnostic already built.  I have windows 10 x 64 and the "free" visual studio package. 


Thanks for looking!