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Ryzen 5 2400g Black screen problem

Question asked by shishir47 on Apr 14, 2018

Recently build my pc With Ryzen 5 2400g:


When they try and play Diablo 3/ Rise of the tomb raider/ Mafia 3  or any kind of game after about few minutes the screen turns black and the computer freezes.

Cannot run any game . is there any solution to fix it ?



Ryzen 5 2400 with Cryorig H5 universal CPU cooling fan

8gb x2 =16 gb Geil evo Potenza 3200 Mhz

ASROCK Fatality AB350 Gaming K4 (4..70 updated)

G.skill Ripjaws ssd M.2 120 gb

Segate  2tb

Antec Neo eco 550wat

Windows 10 Pro

17.7 AMD driver installed