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Ryzen 1400 RX580 8GB 1080P Fps problems!

Question asked by left4dead666 on Apr 13, 2018
Latest reply on Apr 21, 2018 by left4dead666

Hi There


My Rig

CPU: AMD Ryzen 5 1400 3.4Ghz


RAMM: 2x 8GB 2400mhz

OS: Windows 10


When i bought the pc i looked up the performance of the system for 1080P Gaming. According to all the information i read and viewed 1080P Ultra Settings according from hardware websites and videos 1080P Gaming on Ultra will be no problem.


But now i have that system its not performing as it needs to be, FPS drops below 30FPS how is that even possible?.

I use only wattman (so no afterburner or any other overclock utality and i didnt overclock the system at all.


Some games run just fine 60fps with drops to 50fps but thats okay im not even notice it.  But Ghost Recon Wildlands and The Division it doesnt stay 60fps it drops below 35 or 30.  As it drops below 35 you notice the performance loss its very frustrating.


Im gonna look if more games have the same issue. but the videos if seen with the same setup 1080P have more fps and no drops below 40 and they are even recording!.


What can be the problem?

Greetings Ricardo