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Radeon Perfomance overlay is causing bsod  in several games

Question asked by k.stathis on Apr 13, 2018
Latest reply on Apr 16, 2018 by pokester

System Information

Desktop windows 7 64  fully updated

i5 3570k

Gigabyte rx480 g1 gaming (currently on 18.3.4)

gigabyte z77x d3h F16

Psu Antec 550w



Many times when I try to activate performance overlay in games, system bsods (reference by pointer errors due to atikmdag.sys). I have tried all drivers since performance overlay is present with no difference. I assume something is wrong with my system but I can't pinpoint it. Could you please help identify the cause?

Msi afterburner is installed but not running.

Thank you in advance