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GPU shows 1% in Task Manager at the same time it shows 100% in GPU Tweak II?

Question asked by gorlian on Apr 12, 2018
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Graphics Card – AMD RX550 4Gb

Desktop – Lenovo k450e – I upgraded to 750 Watt PSU, added ram and the graphics card

OS – Windows 10 Enterprise 64 bit

Graphics Driver – Adrenalin 18.3.4

Display 1 – Acer K272HL (27" HD) attached by HDMI

Display 2 - Acer K272HL (27" HD) attached by DVI

Motherboard – came with Lenovo system – no info avaiable; BIOS Lenovo I1KT38AUS - 6/10/14

CPU – Intel i7-4790 – 3.6 GHz, 4 Core, 8 Logical Processors

PSU – Powerspec 650W – Model PS 650BSM

RAM – installed 20 GB

Description of Issue: 

Using ASUS GPU Tweak II on the above system shows Memory Clock, MHz running at 100% all the time, not just during game play but literally always.  It shows GPU Speed at 98% in Silent Mode or 100% in Gaming mode all the time, not just when gaming, during which it goes over 100% but just right now typing this into MS Word.


I have gone down the list in Device Manager and made sure my drivers are up to date by looking up the manufacturer's web site and updating from there, not just the auto-check from Windows. 

I usually play Diablo III or Starcraft II.  Again, this issue is not just "in game" but when surfing the web, typing a Word Doc...literally ALWAYS.

Before I put in the RX550 4GB I was playing off of just the installed RAM and was not using a GPU the computer ran fine and actually still runs well but the GPU Tweak II says the GPU is maxed out.  The Task Manager shows a different story altogether.  CPU mostly around 1% while not gaming; System Memory with 7 windows open while I type this at 19%; GPU 0 (Radeon 550 Series) shows 1%. 


Attached are a screen snip of GPU Tweak II and Task Manager taken within seconds of each other during the same operating (non-gaming) conditions.

Update:  During Starcraft II, Campaign Mode, in game play and during cinematic scenes, Task Manager does show GPU maxing out 100% and causes lags in game play or cinematics.  This did not happen before GPU was installed.  Leads me to believe the GPU is not functioning correctly?  How to check?



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