"You have been logged on with Temporary profile”windows 7 temporary log in profile

Discussion created by bk201 on Apr 12, 2018
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hi  guys  in need of help here  my pc has been having  an error at times on starting  it  logs on  and displays the default windows 7  on the task bar there appears a notification stating  You have been logged on with Temporary profile” some  of my  icons  go missing and i  then reboot  once again  and i am then logged on to  my user profile  i have deleted the bak file   from the regedit  but  its still behaves in the same way  particularly  after browsing  using   yandex  browser  what would help ??????????

similarly   i have also re installed windows this is after  my first encounter  which  was yesterday this is actually  my second encounter today after installing windows once again  

my pc is a   hp  6005 pro  microtower  amd athlon II  x2   b24  processor 3.0ghz

                 2gb of ram   am not sure whether  the fault is because of the ram

                2tb harddrive 

               operating system is windows 7 

i am using the computer for office work and browsing  

could it be a hardware  error  

could it be because of a start application

please assist 


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