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    XFX Vega 56 Computer Crash In-Game.


      Hello, first the computer specs: It's a Desktop

      Windows 10 x64 Home Edition

      XFX Vega 56

      AMD FX-6320

      8GB 2133 Ram

      Radeon Version 18.2.1

      Monitor: acer XFA240 1080p 144HZ 1MS Using Displayport

      Not sure of power supply, do know it's 800W

      Motherboard Gigabyte GA-970A-DS3P AM3+



      Now my issue:

      I can browse my computer perfectly fine, but as soon as i go into a game, no matter the game, it will black screen and have an audio glitch that will persist until I power off the computer, I just upgraded to Windows 10 upon finding that AMD stopped supporting Windows 8.1 (Why?). Previously I was using an AMD R9 280X

      I have updated Windows completely, Updated the drivers for AMD

      I'm pretty stumped, I was hoping upon receiving the card to basically be plug and play, even if just needing a driver update.

      I have the card plugged in both 8-pin ports, it is running from 1 cable that split to 2, don't see why it would matter truly.


      Games I have tried, Dying Light (lasted ~1min In-game before crash) World of Tanks(5 minutes)

      I have not attempted any other games yet, but I am running both on Maximum settings


      Anything would be amazing, i have been wanting this card since it released.