R9 380 Black Screens, Windows 10 1709

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GPU: Sapphire Nitro 4GB
AMD Driver: Adrenaline 18.3.4
CPU: i7-3770
MOBO: DZ75ML-45K Bios: 0017(Latest)
Windows 10 64bit 1709-16299.371


Black Screens at the drop of a hat since Spectre/Meltdown was rolled out for the CPU at end of March. Can be doing anything, from browsing to gaming, and sometimes simply reaching the login screen.
This machine did not ever have the R9 380 Black Screen issue from before (Circa 2016 drivers) and worked fine with 1709 until end of March when Spectre/Meltdown rolled out for my specific CPU.


-Windows Specific: It does not crash like this in Linux (R9 driver for Ubuntu 16.04 LTS, not the official AMD RadeonPro drivers for Linux), and can browse the specific web sites and/or play games in steam that black screen in Windows 10.
-The R9 iteself is Fine: The 39 380 can run through a GPU memory test, and as mentioned is fine in Linux.
-Borrowed an R7 265 to test the system, and that works without black screen. Though you can tell there is something off with the power management in Windows 10, as the card constantly throttles fan/voltage while gaming / browsing when it shouldn't. eg: The fan will be going full blast after a few minutes of gaming (because the GPU is working) and then there will be a 1/2 second pause of the fan and drop in frames whenever there is a transition in the game. (eg: a dialog window opens, such as a diplomatic screen in Beyond Earth) and then the fan goes full blast again.
-Monitored the Voltages of the power supply (sensors only, not directly). All good, the black screen was not triggered because one of the voltages was above or below the failsafe thresholds.
-Monitored heat, card is nowhere near max temp when it black screens.


What doesn't work.
Reinstall / Reset of Windows 10

Clean driver install (uninstall using DDU safe mode)
Motherboard Bios Reset (both resetting defaults, and reflashing the current Bios), so it is not bad settings, failing CMOS or corrupted BIOS]
Wattman +20 Power in Radeon drivers
Disable ASPM (Bios Disable ASPM or Windows Power Settings-> Link State Power Management Off)
MSI Afterburner + Radeon Drivers only +100% Fan and +20 Power
Disable fast start in Power Options

Windows 10 WHQL R9 380 Drivers dated 2017-09-22

Enable Integrated GPU in BIOS and Install Latest Intel 4000 Drivers in hopes of better system behavior.
Disable all power saving features in BIOS


Any other suggestions would be appreciated.


edit: Clarity for "What doesn't work"


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