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    Athlon X4 880K CPU BSODs on MSI Motherboard A55M-E33?


      I have a CybertronPC that has an A55M-E33 motherboard.


      I purchased an Athlon X4 880K CPU in order to upgrade. 


      After installing the new CPU it is recognized by BIOS and OS (Windows 7 x64).


      But it is very unstable, freezes and BSODs at random. Not easily reproducible.  Does not matter the load (can just leave it sitting idle and it will eventually either freeze or BSOD).


      Things I've done, in no particular order:

      * Updated all drivers

      * Updated BIOS

      * Reset CMOS

      * Updated chipset drivers

      * Run hardware / memory diagnostics, no errors

      * all Windows 7 updates/patches are current

      * Replaced / upgraded the Power Supply


      Finally, ....

      * Removed the 880k and replaced it with the original CPU.  Systems is stable.

      * Invoked a warranty claim with AMD and was shipped a replacement CPU.

      * Removed the original CPU and installed the replacement 880k.  System is unstable w/ freezes/BSODs.


      I will appreciate any help that can be provided.

      Thank you.



      - Bill