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My radeon software shows that i m running directx 9 in system options because of which i m not able to play games which have dx10 and 11, like fortnite. Its been 5 days. Can i get some help?

Question asked by alancage on Apr 11, 2018
Latest reply on Apr 17, 2018 by elstaci

My drivers are updated (didnt download the optional 18.3.4) and so is my windows, my directx is also updated (which comes with windows as well as visual C++) but radeon software is showing that i m using dx9.
I clean installed everything from safe mode and i already formatted my whole PC 3 times to fix this and still the problem remains. I m not able to play this game for 5 days now and i love this game but i cant do anything now. Please help . Its not just fortnite, everygame is crashing or giving me blank screen. I tried using Furmark but the benchmark thingy was blank. When the crashes started it used to give me BSOD about Video TDR error, i dont know what it is but i went everywhere in sites to find the fix. I cleaned my drivers using DDU in safe mode and installed the latest 18.2.1 (not optional because it maybe unstable) radeon software. I did 3 reset of my PC, installing everything from scratch, updating everything but now i can only vist websites and watch youtube. I cant play games, i can just watch others play in youtube .