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Radeon hd 8970m overheating

Question asked by gentlemanjah on Apr 10, 2018
Latest reply on Oct 19, 2018 by arcticwfox

Pls i really need your help..

My laptop is a clevo p157sm (xmg p503), with dual graphic.. integrated intel(r) hd graphics 4600, and radeon hd 8970m

I have a problem with my gpu fan (radeon hd 8970m) , which is not operating at his max power. I think the new driver crimson\adrenalin set a max limit for the fan. I think it's blocked araound 40% by default .. And i can't control the fans on my laptop (with afterburner, speedfan ecc).

So, the gpu temperature reaches 95\100° of temperatures..

I've already format windows, ugpraded and downgraded driver, removed dust from fan

What i can do for increase fan speed? Or what i can do in general?

Pls help! :(