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Is my RX 570 broken?

Question asked by lelek123 on Apr 10, 2018
Latest reply on Apr 10, 2018 by pietka23

Hi, at the beginning I want to apologize for mistakes, I do not speak English well.


I have problem with crashes in few games, I mean:

- Assassins Creed Origins - When Intro ends, and game is about to start, I have crash into desktop, without any errors on my screen. It happens every time, I can not even start the game because it's crashing on the intro.

- A way out - Crashes with error "Unreal Engine is existing due to D3D device being lost.", I read a lot of forums and solutions, but it works only on a while. Now i have crashes every time in cutscene and nothing helps.


My PC:


RX 570 4GB

Silentium Vero L2 600w (PSU is not broken, I had Corsair VS 450W, I thought that may be problem, I replaced it with Vero, and still the same.

Drivers updaded.


I'm afraid that is GPU problem. Any ideas? The witcher 3, Far cry 5, FIFA 18 and others games works fine.