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    Radeon Pro Duo No Signal to Monitor


      Just bought a new Radeon Pro Duo to upgrade my graphics card.  Follow all steps (outlined below) and cannot get signal to a monitor.


      System Info:


      AMD Radeon Pro Duo


      Windows 7, 64 bit

      no driver yet installed (can't get that far)

      Philips 246V5LHAB 24" LED Monitor, HDMI cable (also tried DV-I, no luck either)

      Intel Dz68BC motherboard, Bios Version BCZ6810H.86A.0021.2011.0831.1555

      Intel Core i7-2600K CPU @ 3.4 GHz

      Corsair GS 700 Power Supply

      16 GB Ram


      I had a pair of Radeon 6950s crossfired, everything with my current setup has worked just fine for years.


      I uninstalled drivers for the Radeons, powered down, disconnected all cords, removed the old cards, plugged power cables into new card, plugged new card in place securely, (the locking device fits as it should...) plugged all cords back into computer, powered on the computer.  Nothing seems amiss, except that no signal is being sent to the monitor.


      The card seems to be getting power, the fan is spinning, all lights on the computer seem normal.


      Powered down, unplugged, removed the card and reset it in place firmly but cautiously just in case I had not seated it correctly, still no luck.


      Tried powering down the computer, unplugging everything, holding the power button for a minute then replugging and restarting... still no signal.


      Removed the new graphics card and switched back to the Radeon graphics card, and everything works just fine... signal goes to the monitor and the computer is working as usual.


      Not sure what else I should do.  As far as the specs read my system should support the card... my memory is the minimum that the card requires but I don't think that should prevent signal from reaching the monitor.






      Thanks very, very much...

      It was INDEED the BIOS that needed to be updated.  I have never updated the BIOS since I put the computer together in 2011.  Was a bit messy, I feared that I bricked my system when it would not reboot after updating... but the computer gods smiled on me and with some back and forth the GPU finally sent signal to the monitor.  Took me another long stretch to get the drivers installed, but all is well that ends well.


      Answering your question... I had a DV-I to hdmi cable plugged from motherboard to monitor... moot now, but I was just trying ANYTHING.


      Thanks again!

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          I'm confused. There are no DVI ports on this card. Were you using a HDMI-to-DVI passive adapter, or were you testing the DP ports?


          Before you remove the card from the motherboard, can you reset your BIOS, connect the display to the motherboard's HDMI port, then boot into Windows and check if the card is even detected in Device Manager? At that point you can also just connect the display to the card to see if anything happens. If not, then updating your motherboard BIOS may help it detect the card (please read the release notes for each BIOS version that you want to install).


          I think that's basically all you can do. If the card still isn't being detected afterwards then it may be a dud. You should then contact the vendor for an exchange or refund or the manufacturer for an RMA.

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            What AMD Model of Radeon Pro Duo do you have installed? WX Series?

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              it would be difficult to solve your problem without the information of the AMD model of radeon installed.

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                I always recommend to update the Motherboard BIOS to the latest. It makes newer technology compatible.


                You should mark jargon reply as "CORRECT" so that others in the future will know what fixed your computer and the thread can be closed out.

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                  I've ran into similar issues however a bios update did not fix ... Could anyone supply a list a motherboards and/or pre-built systems that the Radeon Pro Duo (Polaris) is compatible with?


                  I got this GPU on the marketing that it was a professional grade card and thus would have more reliability, support, and compatibility compared to other GPUs ..... however thus far its been a $1000 dollar paper weight which is very disappointing given i've never had these issues with any other card. Ever. Worse i'm on an all AMD system which, like the original poster mentioned has worked fine with every thing else in the past.


                  I was going to simply swap cards and tried putting it in my gaming rig (which has an ASUS 1080ti Turbo 11GB) however due to physical size and connector arrangement.. the Radeon Pro Duo wont even fit that case physically since its a long card and additionally rear pin power connectors... so... the fear of it not fitting any pre-built systems is a concern. For example; will it work and fit in a Dell 5820 such as this? -> Precision 5820 Desktop Tower Workstation | Dell United States


                  I'm having major regrets purchasing this card but i'm past the return date because I had it double checked by a certified tech locally so I need to find a solution that works. Worst case scenario im going to attempt finding a Intel Dz68BC motherboard which the original poster has confirmed... after some tweaks... will work...  still frustrating having to build a custom system and spend upwards of another $1000 bucks with hours of trouble shooting just to get it to work.... professional grade indeed, you gotta be a professional to get these working apparently... unlike normal cards you cant just plug them in, install the drivers, and be happily on your way... worse since I was going to use this build for content creation... im losing even more money everyday its down (sure I could use my home machine and have it pull double duty but I can't work on projects while trying to fix this one)... so extremely disappointed in AMD with this as it seems largely a software/driver/design flaw in the card its self to not be compatible with even their own hardware.

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                      So the tech has confirmed that the card is working?


                      Motherboard manufacturers are responsible for keeping their BIOS up to date. If you are purchasing a prebuilt workstation and your graphics card is not listed, it is not likely that the system manufacturer will add support in the future. Workstation systems need to remain stable, and workstation builders will make as little changes as possible to the BIOS to maintain stability.


                      Since the 5820 supports the WX7100/5100 (both Ellesmere, which is under Polaris), I don't think it should have any trouble running the Radeon Pro Duo (Polaris). The CrossFire occurs on the card itself and not through the motherboard's PCIe lanes, so there should be no problem enabling CrossFire through the latest workstation drivers.

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                          Thanks Jargon; thats what I was thinking too since the 5820 supported WX7100's it would be compatible.


                          Worse case scenario AMD tech support wrote me back and also mentioned that X470 chipset motherboards will work too... still a little upset that it wont work with my current hardware (as i've had a 7750, 1080ti, and R9-270 in the same system just fine and for the life of me cant understand why duo wont work) but at least theres some solutions.  ... I really didn't want to build an entire new system; sure builds can be fun but im getting old and was just hoping to install and go on this one.


                          "I suggest you to consider the latest motherboards based on X470 chipset which is compatible with all the latest gen Ryzen processors, also the Radeon pro duo (Polaris) can work great together with out any bootkneck issue.  There are different motherboard manufacturers such Gigabyte, MSI, Asus and etc who has already listed the motherboard with X470 chipsets, you can choose one based on your budget.

                          Thanks for contacting AMD."


                          So a x470 motherboard will definitely work. They're reasonably priced from what i've searched.