Crossfire compatibility R9 280 & R9 290X

Discussion created by user101 on Apr 8, 2018
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I  recently added a MSI R9290X to my computer.  I also have an XFX R9280 DD Black OC edition installed, as this was my previous GPU.  I was hoping to run the two in crossfire, but there is no crossfire option in Radeon settings.  I have not installed a bridge because while I see the place to install it on the 280, the 290X does not have such a place to plug it in.


Can anyone confirm these two cards are or are not able to be run in crossfire mode together?  I have viewed the compatibility chart, but couldn't understand it.  I read that 290X uses PCIe instead of crossfire bridge.  Does this mean it won't work in crossfire with very slightly older cards that do require the bridge?