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powerpoint screens disappearing with 17.7 driver and Ryzen 5 2400G

Question asked by nanohead on Apr 9, 2018

Was using a regular Ryzen 5 1600/Radeon 6450 combo for the past year, and everything worked fine.  When Raven Ridge launched, I got one, and replaced the 1600/6450 combo (the silence is wonderful) with the 2400G.


Since swapping in the 2400G, if I leave Powerpoint open for more than a few minutes, sections of the screen start disappearing.  The upper right control panel (minimize, maximize, close) reverts to orange/white and the icons vanish.  Some of my slides vanish in the slide viewer panel.


Absolutely not sure what to do at this point.  I did a MS Office repair install several times, but to no avail.   The only thing that changed, was the GPU/CPU and the driver distribution.


I would file a bug report, but not even sure how to describe it