Using Ryzen 5 2xxxG together with other video card

Discussion created by denisdg on Apr 8, 2018


First of all, thank you for your long running AM4 platform. For me it's an interesting platform I'm going to move to.

I am going to move to Ryzen 5 from my current old Intel Core platform and I'm going to make continuous-in-time upgrade. So, I want buy a Ryzen 5 2400G and buy a separate video card some time later. The question is: will I have any possibility to use a Ryzen 5 2400G built-in GPU together with some of the mid-range GPU-cards (maybe Radeon RX 580 or other vendor videocards ) or I will have to only turn off my RX Vega 11 GPU (and stay with just 4-cores CPU)?

Maybe there are some future plans to use RX Vega 11 like additional PhisX or any other support for the main separate graphic card?