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Crimson hotkeys won't work in certain scenarios

Question asked by magedom on Apr 8, 2018

You know hotkeys like those that summons overlay or active ReLive features.


When I use those hotkeys directly from keyboard it's okay every time. But when I try to make use of hotkeys using some middleware (xpadder or ds4windows, since I'm always playing on TV using a controller. Like I bind certain combo on gamepad to call some keypresses, that triggers Crimson), it won't capture anything while in fullscreen mode. On desktop or something its okay while using controller, but once I'm in a fullscreen game, I can only use keyboard for hotkeying stuff.


Actually, no idea how is it so. It worked previously for me. Only thing that changed is that I've switched from DualShock 3 to dualshock 4. But why would that affect xpadder, which is not driver related? Especially since windows hotkeys works okay even now. So it's super strange and I require some hints, since I'm ran out of options to check.