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System freezes after driver uninstall/in midle of instalation

Question asked by dom324 on Apr 8, 2018
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I've got some problems with driver instalation and uninstalation. I uninstalled the old drivers (17.12.something) through DDU in safe mode  - uninstall was succesful, but in 10 secs after uninstall system freezed. I restarted pc manualy. When I got into Windows, drivers were uninstalled. So I tried to install 18.4.1 from AMD website, but system freezes every time installation gets to the "Controling new drivers" (don't know exact name in english) part. I tried instaling 18.2 something, 17.12 and others - nothing worked.

The only way I got drivers "somewhat" instaled is through recovery point. They are now instaled, but I can't open Radeon settings window. So I'd like to install them the proper way to have them fully working.

OS - W10 64 bit

OS updates disabled.

Thanks for any advice, sorry if I forgot to mention something.