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    Multi monitor driver crash


      Dear AMD,


      I have been trying to get my HDMI audio to work satisfactory. There are currently two (bad) ways of doing it:

      1. duplicate the display which causes freezes in fast sync

      2. extend the display which locks vram clocks at 1.4 GHz and draws too much power


      I tried to get the extended display working and changed some GPU scaling and HDMI Link assurance settings in the Radeon settings. Then I disabled one of the devices. Then the refresh rate was stuck at 24 Hz and I could no longer change it in windows. After trying to update the drivers, it now crashes every time when I try to enable the receiver and duplicate the display. The driver crashes so hard, I cannot access any settings. I did a clean install but the problem does not seem to go away. It seems I bricked my setup, please help!


      A real audio only mode for the HDMI out would be nice. Afaik it is technically impossible to only transmit audio via HDMI. But please use some dummy video data completely independent of any refresh, resolution or monitor settings. The way it works now, setting up sound via HDMI is prohibitively annoying.


      Thanks in advance!



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          Only reinstalling Windows fixed the bricked duplicate display mode. Now I found new problems: If I reduce the color depth the receiver gets in 'display' settings from 10 bit to 8 bit, the thing starts freezing. I do not dare change more settings as I do not wish to brick settings again.


          Enhanced Sync is bugged. The requirement to run in multi monitor setup eats lots of power.


          Running a receiver via HDMI is a driver nightmare.