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Can I have two graphics cards working separately?

Question asked by fghdfg on Apr 8, 2018

First of all, I am Korean.

So, with the help of Google Translator, I am writing this question.


I currently use two FURY X.


I have used these products for a year while also using CrossFire.


Recently I have been a few attempts to make streaming from YouTube and Twitch on.


After turning off Crossfire, streaming 'Battlefield 1' with Re-Live was successful.


However, due to problems with streaming war frames and other games, I changed the streaming platform.


I tried broadcasting on OBS and Xsplit, but I got bad results.


I looked at the post on the internet and, if I had more than two graphics cards, one could be used for broadcasting and the other could be used for playing games.


I have tried many times since then, but failed.


And now I can not even stream 'Battlefield 1' using Re-Live.

(Video output is not enough.)


I was fascinated by the breakthrough technology that the Radeon graphics card showed, and I would like to continue to use these two products if possible.


Can these two graphics cards be driven separately?

(One for broadcast transmission and the other for gaming)


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