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Issue after trying to clean install AMD drivers

Question asked by greysheep on Apr 7, 2018
Latest reply on Apr 10, 2018 by elstaci

Hello, i hope this is in the right place, but i having an issue with my graphics card or even drivers.


Today i decided to attempt to fix issue were my AMD drivers would not update for my graphics card. After doing some google-ing i found this guide:-


So i started to follow the steps suggested. I had found the correct drivers, for my system (Not auto detect). I Saved DDU software suggested to use, deleted all previous content in C:/AMD. I disabled any anti-anythings on my system which was only the windows defender. I already had it set to prevent/delay Microsoft automatically changing/installing graphics drivers.


Now this is where my problem began, After uninstalling my AMD Software as told, i received a black screen. So i then decided to reboot after some time (maybe 20/30 minutes) . But i again had only a black screen. I cannot see anything hence cant do anything, all the fans and lights are working as normal.


So this is my question, how do i solve my issue from this point. I would like to get my computer working again.


So far i have :

-Reset the CMOS.

-Taken the GPU out and used it in a different PC- This PC got picture from the GPU.

-Re-seated the GPU.


Other things to note:

My PC was working prior to this, just fine apart from i was unable to update my AMD drivers.

I am unable to use any video outputs on my mobo as it has none.

My mobo has been updated to support the APU. And was working correctly.


My specs are :

AB350M ASRock running 4.40 update

Ryzen 3 2200g AMD APU

Gloway DDR4 8GB RAM

Corsair vs550 Power supply

AMD RX 460 2GB Sapphire

500gb seagate pipeline hd 2

Windows 10 pro 64-bit



Any suggestions or ideas would be great . Thank you in advance.