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    Issue after trying to clean install AMD drivers


      Hello, i hope this is in the right place, but i having an issue with my graphics card or even drivers.


      Today i decided to attempt to fix issue were my AMD drivers would not update for my graphics card. After doing some google-ing i found this guide:- https://community.amd.com/thread/180667


      So i started to follow the steps suggested. I had found the correct drivers, for my system (Not auto detect). I Saved DDU software suggested to use, deleted all previous content in C:/AMD. I disabled any anti-anythings on my system which was only the windows defender. I already had it set to prevent/delay Microsoft automatically changing/installing graphics drivers.


      Now this is where my problem began, After uninstalling my AMD Software as told, i received a black screen. So i then decided to reboot after some time (maybe 20/30 minutes) . But i again had only a black screen. I cannot see anything hence cant do anything, all the fans and lights are working as normal.


      So this is my question, how do i solve my issue from this point. I would like to get my computer working again.


      So far i have :

      -Reset the CMOS.

      -Taken the GPU out and used it in a different PC- This PC got picture from the GPU.

      -Re-seated the GPU.


      Other things to note:

      My PC was working prior to this, just fine apart from i was unable to update my AMD drivers.

      I am unable to use any video outputs on my mobo as it has none.

      My mobo has been updated to support the APU. And was working correctly.


      My specs are :

      AB350M ASRock running 4.40 update

      Ryzen 3 2200g AMD APU

      Gloway DDR4 8GB RAM

      Corsair vs550 Power supply

      AMD RX 460 2GB Sapphire

      500gb seagate pipeline hd 2

      Windows 10 pro 64-bit



      Any suggestions or ideas would be great . Thank you in advance.

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          Can you see anything when you first boot up the system, or does the black screen only apply when you load the OS?


          If it's the former, then the issue probably lies with your motherboard. Try another graphics card if you have it on hand just to see if you can get any output from the PCIe slot. If the latter, then you will probably need to reinstall Windows.


          Anyways, have you looked at this? There seems to be a lot of issues with this motherboard/BIOS configuration after the Raven Ridge launch.

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            I've run into similar issues on occasion but since your APU actually has a built-in graphics chip (Vega) I would actually recommend that you use the APU graphics until the drivers are completely removed. Use the video output on the motherboard (DVI or DP) temporarily and then run the uninstaller again, followed by DDU in safe mode. The computer should still boot up Windows if you keep the monitor on the motherboard video port. The system may prompt to auto-install the drivers but you can ignore that.


            After this, shut the computer down normally and reinstall the graphics card; connect the monitor back to the card. You should be able to install the drivers normally now but if you still encounter problems feel free to post back. Good luck!

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              Your Asrock B350M has a newer BIOS update and possibly AMD Chipset Update: ASRock > AB350M


              BIOS - 4.50 - 03/06/2018

              AMD AIO Driver - 01/22/2018


              The Ryzen 3 - 2200g requires a version BIOS of at least 4.40 which you have installed. Also make sure the memory you have installed is compatible with the Ryzen APU :  ASRock > AB350M .


              When you boot up, do you hear any other beeps instead of just one BEEP?