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Black screen after Crimson driver installment for HD 7600 M

Question asked by jhiintraxx on Apr 7, 2018
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I recently installed a crimson ReLive driver for an HD 7600 M graphics card and as usual restarted the computer - a Dell Laptop. While starting, the Dell sign appeared as usual but after that there was just a Black screen. There wasn't even any sign, that the computer was booting accordingly or that I could access the Booting menu. During the black screen, any Key combination weren't functioning, though the mouse courser was the only visible thing. I was able to move the mouse, but coudn't do anything else.

I am not able to restore windows from an earlier point, which I tried by putting in a installation CD that wouldn't boot at all. The computer showed no sign of recognizing the CD.

Is there anything I could do to fix it?

Thanks for any answers!

BTW I just installed the graphics driver alone, which I got from the official download site. So that shouldn't be a virus problem.